When Selecting an Agent – things to consider …

When Selecting an Agent – things to consider …

Selecting the right Agent is critical when it comes finding the right buyer for your property, but how do you select the right agent for you and your property? Some Agents are better working with property buyers, while others are better at listing and marketing property for sale. These are two very different skill sets, so it is important to make sure you find the right Agent.

The first step is to make the time to either meet with the Agent in person at the property, or at least make the time for a conversation over the phone after the agent has inspected your property.

In this initial discussion with the agents, pay close attention to the following;

  • Were they on time, this demonstrates respect and how they will treat your buyers
  • When looking at the property, did they take notes
  • Are they taking the time to listen to you, rather than talking at you

It is important to let the Agent guide you through this initial conversation, they should cover the following:

  • Discuss and demonstrate what is happening in your local area/market today
  • Show and discuss with you, several recent comparable sold properties (properties like yours which have sold recently)
  • Give you their opinion of the reasonable selling price for your property today, based on recent sales evidence
  • Listen to your opinion as to the reasonable selling price of your property
  • Demonstrate how they will market and promote your property, show examples
  • Show evidence of their recent successful sales
  • Demonstrate and give examples of their negotiation skills with buyers
  • Provide you with several recent testimonials from recent Selling Clients, not buyers.
  • Discuss their fee for service and other cost
  • Discuss different methods of listing the property for sale, provide you with options
  • Ask you for your business, to list your property for sale

All of the above are key indicators which demonstrate the Agents knowledge and ability to find you the right buyer. Essentially, the agents should be demonstrating to you, that they have a proven strategy to sell a property like your property.

If the agent has missed or skipped over one of the steps above, it is normally because they are not experienced or competent yet in this area. Now is your time to question the agent about what they have not said or demonstrated in their presentation, to give them an opportunity to show that they are the right agent for you and your property.

Good questions to ask at this time are:

  • Tell me more about what is happening in our local market, how many properties have been selling per month for the last three months, how many are on the market today?
  • I have noticed that you have not taken any notes while looking at my property, why was that?
  • You have not shown me any properties which have recently sold that are similar to my property, what are you basing your opinion of the value of my property on?
  • Show me your marketing strategy and now my property will look when promoted. Why is it better than your competitors?
  • Show me which properties you listed for sale and sold in the last three months.
  • When a buyer makes you an offer of “X” tell me about your immediate response to the buyer, then how will you communicate the offer to me?
  • Have your selling clients been happy with your service and results, can you show me evidence of this?
  • Ask them to reduce their selling fee. A good negotiator will not reduce their fee, but will go back and demonstrate why they are worth their fee. A poor negotiator will quickly drop their fee, is this the person you really want negotiating on your behalf? An agent willing to drop their fee by a thousand dollars (their money) will not have the ability to increase a buyers offer by $10,000, (your money)!
  • What is the difference between an Open Listing and an Exclusive Listing? Which is better for selling a property and why? An experienced Listing and Selling agent is only looking for Exclusive Listings. These Agents want fewer listings because they have the confidence and ability to sell. Agents willing to accept an Open Listing lack this confidence in themselves and will often fall into the traps of having too many properties for sale, not servicing their clients and working with the buyers submitting lower offers.

In summary, a confident and experienced agent will be able to easily demonstrate all of the above. These agents are the ones you want when Selling a property, because they will find you the right buyer, sooner.

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