My Four Best Selling Tips

My Four Best Selling Tips

By Chris McGregor – 30 June 2021

Presentation – We all shop with our eyes first, before investigating a property. The presentation of your property is your Buyer’s First impression of your property. Getting this right is critical to securing a sale for the right price, sooner. But Presentation no longer starts at the kerb, it starts online.

So before putting your property to market, call in your agent to discuss the presentation of your property, find out what you need to do to make you property present the best it can. Sometimes it can be lick of paint and trimming the garden, it could be fixing loose boards on the deck, fixing tiles in the bathroom, or adjusting door hinges. A good agent will be able to guide you in this are weeks or months before you list the property for sale.

Once you have the property looking good and ready to go to market, now is the time to make sure that your Agent has the knowledge and ability to make you property look amazing online, as this will be your buyers First impression! The wrong first impression will lose quickly loose a buyer’s interest in your property, but the right one will make the agents phone ring with the buyer calling to make an immediate appointment to see your property.

Promotion – Your property’s presentation may be fantastic, but if the buyers in the market do not know about your property, your agents phone will not be ringing.

The key to Promotion is to make sure that ALL the Buyers looking in the area know about your property first and they are constantly seeing your property. The more Buyers who know about your property, the more often your agents phone will be ringing. To do this successfully, your agent will need to ensure that your property is a larger size ad, on top of all property searches, making sure that your property is in front of more buyers. Social media is also very important for promotion, as not all buyers are actively looking in the market to buy today, passive buyers will buy when presented with the right opportunity, social media if the perfect platform for selecting groups of people who fit the buying demographic for your property/area.

An experienced agent will be able to present you with the correct marking coverage to capture both active and passive buyers, increasing your selling opportunities.

Price – If the price is right buyers will act immediately, if not we wait. Buyers need a reason to act now, the agents job is to create urgency for the buyers to act now.

Your property looks great and all the buyers know about your property, including the price. The key to creating urgency is to remove the negotiation from the asking price. Adding a little extra on top of the realistic selling price of the property for negotiation is a trap for beginners and the inexperience.

Buyers are not silly; they know value when they see it. They also know that most sellers add that bit extra to the selling price expecting a buyer to come in with a lower offer.

Reality is, when we see value in something that looks great and we know that there are others in the market who area ware of what we want, a serious Buyer will not let good opportunity pass, they will act with urgency and but today! Simply by removing the added negotiation from your asking price, you have now told all the buyers in the market that you are a serious seller who wants to do business today! Yes, buyers will try to present low offers, but an offer is not a sale. A quick and polite “Thank you for your interest, however the price has been pre-negotiated making this process easier for you Mr/Mrs Buyer”.

Selecting The Right Agent – For this process to be successful, for fourth key ingredient is your agent’s experience, knowledge and ability to follow through with this process, gently negotiating with your buyer from the buyer’s first impression of your property. Selecting the Right Agent will help you to secure the Right Buyer, sooner. For more information about selecting the right agent.

The first three selling tips above all need to work in together, one or two will not create sufficient buyer urgency to “act now”. By having the Right Agent follow the principles of these selling tips, will reduce your buyer’s anxiety with the negotiation process, quickly guiding your buyer closer to entering into a purchase contact. The negotiation and securing the sale becomes a gentler process for all concerned. 

For more information on how to Select the Right Agent, see:

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