Why your home should be your oasis

Why your home should be your oasis

It’s the place you relax at the end of the day and where you create some of your happiest memories – this is why your home should be a haven.

The creators of Babylon residential development have designed a community that pays homage to the beauty of the ancient world and, specifically, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Recognised for its sophisticated architecture and tiered gardens of trees, shrubs and water, elements of this ancient wonder have heavily influenced Denvell Group’s Rouse Hill project.

Described as a ‘private paradise’, Babylon includes 332 luxury apartments and terraces – each have their own oasis and sanctuary from the rush of daily life.

Matt Coggan from Turf Design Studio says calm is found in places that satisfy our basic need for refuge and shelter and that connect us to nature. Babylon homes are based on these basic elements.

“The apartment terraces have been designed to protect residents from the elements – wind, sun and rain – whilst opening views to lush gardens framing outdoor living spaces,” he says.

Back to nature

“Our research included looking at historical poems, literature and video documentaries and we uncovered key themes that became drivers for a design that would be authentically ‘Babylon’,” says Coggan.

These themes included rising and falling water, cascading vegetation, stone and natural materials, birds, aromatic trees, shrubs and fruit trees – as well as splashes of colourful flowers and foliage.

Reflecting this, three central courtyards within Babylon provide spaces for people to catch up with family and friends or simply sit and watch the world pass by.

When you need a moment to relax, listen to the soothing sound of water as it flows through the pools, fountains and carved channels. Or enjoy a good book under the lush foliage, which provides shade among the open spaces.

“The mastery of water is a defining characteristic of the Babylonian landscape,” says Coggan.

Ebb and flow

“Our contemporary interpretation of the Babylonian water story utilises the site topography to deliver water through a series of pools and linear channels.

“Reflection pools and small waterfalls give water a dynamic journey through the site, and contribute to the sense of discovering a hidden oasis around every corner.”

Residents can mingle in the cascading gardens, breakout stone sitting areas and elegant bathing pools, and unwind on the shared rooftop space with sweeping views. Communal barbecues can be found in social spaces within the communal landscape

“In addition to seeking refuge, people also want a sense of community and belonging in their place of residence. Babylon has been designed to ensure a comfortable balance of private retreat and social interaction,” says Coggan.

“There are more rooftop garden terraces than I’ve seen on any other projects of this nature – a clear commitment to providing a living environment with strong connections to the landscape.”

Spacious elegance

Serenity and sanctuary continue in the apartments that have been designed with a balance of necessity and practicality, elegance and generosity of space.

With a simple colour palette and plenty of spaces, privacy is maintained with proportion and separation. Double-height voids and windows make the most of light and airiness and bedrooms open to courtyards filled with the sounds of water and birdsong.

Thoughtful touches that add to a relaxed lifestyle include study nooks, handy key stations at entrances and butler’s pantries that are ideal for cooks who like to entertain.

Babylon light scheme kitchen

The simple colour palette and ample storage reduces clutter.

Ample storage helps reduce the visual irritation of too much clutter and residents don’t have to stress about finding a parking spot with more than one space available for apartment owners.

“Babylon sets a new benchmark for living in Sydney’s north west,” says Coggan.

“Every detail in the landscape – from streetscape to rooftop – has been carefully designed to ensure we are creating a distinctive and inspiring new place that is true to the Babylon vision.”

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